New book will be released by Adelaide Book Publishing in February, 2020.

Ten years ago, Lori Bryant, as a teenager walked in on her boyfriend Tommy Doyle and his two cousins, just in time to see Tommy kill a young doctor in a drug related crime gone bad. Today, Lori, now married and divorced from Tommy is living in Maine under an alias with their four year old daughter. She has finally established a new life, met someone, and is slowly beginning to think she and her daughter may have the chance for a better future. Unbeknownst to her, all that’s about to change, as some from her past are seeking her out to do her harm and some to do her good.

Tommy, recently released from prison for non-related crimes has mixed feelings about his ex-wife Lori. He doesn’t want to hurt her but he also doesn’t want her talking to the Feds or anyone else. Tommy has anger management problems but he’s working on it.

John Gilfillan, a retired Boston homicide detective has been asked to take another look at this unsolved homicide that he wasn’t able to solve years before. Gilfillan is good at his work but not so good in his personal life. Long divorced but still willing to try, he has slowly been developing a relationship with a bartender who has problems of her own.

Tony Gazzo, the highly competent, but possibly autistic right hand of a local crime boss has also been charged with finding Lori. His boss is concerned there may be some overlapping interests that may be compromised. Tony also has relationship problems.

Last, but not least, Lori’s estranged father, Albee Bryant is looking to find Lori to warn her about Tommy. He was a terrible father, always drunk and abusive, but he’s hoping he will be able to make a difference and make amends. Penance.

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